Writing a Basic News Article Class (Journalism 101 series)


Learn to put the information you gather together for your news articles into a simple and clear narrative structure—using Associated Press “inverted pyramid” style. Class 4 of the Journalism 101 series for the Neighborhood Media School. Registration is FREE! Initial class sizes limited to 15 students. Can add more sections if there’s sufficient interest.

Journalism 101 series
Learn basic journalism skills with DigBoston editors Chris Faraone and Jason Pramas. These short online classes can be taken separately or altogether. Students who complete all four initial classes and accompanying assignments will have the skills they need to write a short news article—and will receive a certificate of completion. Each class will last 1½ hours. Class assignments will be straightforward (and optional for those who do not want to get a certificate). 

Chris Faraone is DigBoston editor-in-chief and editorial director of the Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism. He holds an MS in Journalism and has taught journalism at Salem State University and UMassBoston. Jason Pramas is DigBoston executive editor and executive director of the Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism. He holds an MFA in Visual Arts and has taught communications and journalism at Lesley University and UMass Boston.

The Neighborhood Media School is sponsored by the Somerville News Garden and the Pandemic Democracy Project initiatives of the Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism.